The Favorite Teacher Project or FTP is  a project idea that I created that digitally and intentionally reconnects former students with former teachers. Former students show appreciation to their favorite teacher through personalized video or typed messages. 

As a former classroom teacher myself, I remember the overwhelming feeling of value that I received from a simple "thank you" or nice comment from a student. When the FTP idea came to me I thought about how amazing it would be for teachers and students across the world to be intentionally reconnected through this project. It was at that moment that this concept became a reality! 

Currently as a child development consultant and children's author, I frequently have the opportunity to encourage groups of  educators during conferences, trainings, and presentations. I encourage them by sharing how much they truly matter, and how much they make a difference in the lives of students past and present. Responses and videos from the project are used as proof, and are also used as ways to inform the educators  what teacher qualities students value the most. 



1. A video clip is recorded asking willing participants who their favorite teacher is and why, what grade they were in, what school they went to, and former students are asked to share a personal statement directed towards their favorite teacher.


2. Video clips are then uploaded to the YouTube Channel: Taylor Dee Kids TV. 

3. Participants are asked to share the video on their social media once they find it published on YouTube (if they have social media) using the following text: 

I participated in Taylor Dee's Favorite Teacher Project . Thank you Mr./M(r)s. for making a difference in my life. 

(insert clip) 

4. Participants are asked to dedicate at least 5 minutes to searching their former teacher's whereabouts on their old school's website, on social media platforms, or by reaching out to someone they know that may know the teacher's email address. If the participant is successful at locating the teacher he/she is then encouraged to send a personal message or email thanking the teacher and attaching the YouTube video link.

5. If the participant can't find the teacher's email or social media, the participant is asked to send an email to informing volunteers that they were not successful at finding their former teacher, or informing volunteers that they are confirming that their former teacher is deceased. If we don't hear back from the participant, we assume that the  former teacher was contacted and appreciated. 



1. Willing participants are directed to this website to document their "Favorite Teacher" question responses in the "SHARE HERE" survey link.

*Although all student videos and responses are NOT successfully shared with former teachers, volunteers and I spend time searching and digitally connecting as many responses and videos to teachers that we can. Share your responses by completing the survey or email us a video clip about your favorite teacher to

WHO was/is your favorite teacher?

Everyone has a favorite teacher, but have you ever expressed to that teacher how much you appreciate them and why? We'd love to know your story and your teacher would love to hear from you.