As a teacher, author, consultant, and speaker, Taylor is extremely passionate about educating students, teachers, parents, and professionals for a variety of educational purposes. 

Professional Development Workshops


Taylor offers development trainings, workshops, and programs that provide teachers, staff, principals, directors, and professionals knowledge and strategies on how to provide more engaging experiences for their students,  through the promotion  of music, movement, creativity, and collaboration in her "GET UP" Academy. Taylor also trains on other topics including curriculum activities, child growth and development, health and safety, and youth program development. 

Parent and Family Workshops


Taylor offers a variety of parent and family workshops such as literacy cultivation, relationship building, communication, engagement, and more. Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your school or organization.

Fitness Experiences/ Workshops


 Taylor brings Zumba, Yoga, Dance, Fitness Circuits,  or any customized energetic group exercise experience that kids, teachers, and families love. 


As an author Taylor loves writing children's literature, children's music, and curriculum for teachers, students, parents, and professionals. She also enjoys writing resources  and creating writing workshops that cultivate purpose.


Author Visit


 Taylor's interactive visits are filled with books, songs, movement, and activities for students 3K to 5th grade. She can visit one class, an entire grade level,  an entire school, or any organization  where eager students are gathered.

Writing Workshops


Taylor reiterates the importance of using the writing process and "alive words" in her writing, and offers more details about her job as a writer during her workshops. She gives all students the opportunity to create stories and illustrations of their own, all while inspiring students that they can reach their dreams in an interactive way. Writing workshops can be conducted for 1-3  classes at a time and multiple sessions can be booked. 

School Assemblies


Taylor's interactive assembly visits can be customized to meet the needs of your school or organization. Taylor speaks, sings, and entertains for preschool and elementary school events for educational purposes, and also for graduations, award ceremonies, testing pep rallies, special events, and more. 


Taylor simply loves helping people and building authentic relationships that lead to growth. Don't be overwhelmed. Book a session with Taylor and get guidance. Find out more about her consultation services below. 


Independent Author -Book Publishing Consultation


Interested in writing and publishing your own book, but don’t really know what to do or how to get started? Book Taylor to listen to your story, review where you are in the process, where you want to go, and get help creating action steps for the work you need to put in to get your published book in the hands of others.  

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to initiate conversation with Taylor. From there, book additional sessions to receive assistance on: 

  • Establishing your publishing company
  • Design/Editing
  • Choosing publishing options
  • Hiring a printer
  • Obtaining an ISBN number
  • Pricing/ Marketing and MORE! 

Be overwhelmed no more. Taylor will share her experiences and help you alleviate your hesitations and excuses that have stopped you from publishing your book. The world is waiting. 

Youth Program Development Consultation


Want to develop a youth program but need help? Book a session with Taylor to get help on: 

  • Determining program parameters
  • Planning program management 
  • Creating a logic model 
  • Program implementation
  • Program evaluation
  • Collaboration ideas & More! 

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to initiate conversation with Taylor. Taking the time to plan or fine tune your youth program carefully can eliminate barriers and enhance impact during your program implementation and evaluation processes.



Serious about starting your business? Book a consultation with Taylor to learn about the initial steps you need to take such as further researching your idea, determining your business structure, and the process for obtaining your first customer. Or do you simply need some help defining your next steps in life? Your first 15-minute phone consultation is free. Book further consultations for more specific steps, guidance through the business initiation processes, and/or get connected to other professionals. If you are serious, you do not have to grind alone. Book Taylor and get started today.


Taylor is a powerful and dynamic speaker with an engaging approach that keeps audiences captivated. As a teacher at heart Taylor takes pride in "edutaining." Her talks can be customized to meet organization needs  and her key topics are highlighted below. 


Stuck in a Rut: Defining Your Purpose


Passionate about advancing in life but having trouble "figuring it out" ? Feeling stuck in a rut? Taylor's Purpose University is a workshop that will change lives. Participants will hear Taylor's inspiring story, engage in thought provoking activities, and see demonstrations that will help guests to awaken their purpose. Ideas and action steps will be given on how to use purpose as a guide to monetize gifts, and Taylor will share her  "3-6-5 Steps to Figuring it Out."  

Bored No More: How to Better Engage Your Audience


Tired of looking into the audience at boring facial expressions, and body language that screams "unmotivated"? Learn from Taylor how to increase your audiences engagement levels through the use of music, movement, and literacy. Taylor will share strategies from her "Get Up" Academy and participants will leave more confident with how to make their audiences excited about learning. 

The Power of Entrepreneurship: Monetizing Your Gifts


Talented but don't really know how to get people to pay you for what you are good at? Hear how Taylor turned her gifts into income and how you can too! 

Dormant Gifts: Becoming Fearless


Have an idea but scared to implement it because you don't know how it will turn out, or you're afraid of what other's may think? Taylor speaks on fear and provides strategies on how to let go of hesitations in order to awake dreams and launch lives of destiny.



Looking for a keynote speaker for your youth or students? Invite Taylor to share on your chosen topic, or have her speak on her key talks about leadership, decision making, thinking about the future, cultivating gifts, and character. 

Offering prices are dependent upon location, duration, participation, and content.